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It's 2016 and there's a social media platform for just about everything you can think of. There are even dating websites for just about every niche you can think of - AKA Gluten Free Singles. But what's not clear is how to navigate through all of the major platforms that are out there. Is it still cool to use MySpace? What about Facebook? Will my parents and family be able to see all the stuff I post on Facebook? What about Instagram? Is it alright to post selfies 8 times a day on Instagram? Can I send nudes with Snapchat? Do they really disappear after a few seconds or are they actually stored someplace?

Your typical cliche saying. #Typical
Your typical cliche saying. #Typical #NoTimeForDrama #LiveLaughLove

The truth is a lot of teens and young adults have discovered that they can fabricate a false persona through their social media accounts. Remember back in the late 90s and early 2000s when internet forums were kind of a big thing and everyone could be a doctor or nuclear engineer? Well now you have 20-somethings who seem like they are on vacation all year round based on the pictures they post on Facebook, they're all high powered finance executives at companies no one has ever heard thanks to LinkedIn, and they have at least 2 BMWs and a Ferrari according to their Instagram. #OMGwhogivesafuck

If you're new to this game, have no fear, I'm going to give you some tips that you can use on each platform in order to boost your ego all while making your friends and people you're connected with feel worse about their poor insignificant existence. Be careful using all of these tips though: you may inadvertently start a one up war in which your friends and connections will start to passively aggressively post comments that may or may not be directed towards you as well as as cliche pictures with captions like "I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR NO DRAMA" or "Live Laugh Love". (Tip for all you guys out there in the online dating scene - if her profile reads: 'if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best' this means RUN the other way. No seriously. Don't. Even. Bother.)


Let's start with the social media platform that really started it all: MySpace. There might have been other smaller sites like it at the same time, but they didn't take off like MySpace did. But it only had its reign for a few short years before Facebook stole its thunder by allowing even non-college students to sign up for its services. So how do you go about leveraging MySpace today for your own personal gain? Well, to be honest... there's really no way to do it since it's more or less dead. If you're old enough and have an old MySpace account, you can go back into your account and maybe change around your old profile pictures to make it look like you were someone else growing up.

Maybe that's how you leverage it! You replace some of your older pictures with pictures of someone who almost looks like you but isn't. Make sure they look handicapped this way you can claim that you beat all odds to walk again even though all of the doctors you saw since the day you were born said you would never walk. Due to your condition.

Also be sure to only have pictures of only one parent this way people will think that you were only raised by a single father or a single mother only helping to perpetrate the fact that you had overwhelming odds to overcome to amount to anything.


This is it. This is your time to shine! The most popular social media platform on the planet! You probably already have an account set up, but the question is how to you use it to lie about who you really are?

The first step is to pretty much delete every "basic" picture of you. And by basic I mean pictures of you from a family gathering or perhaps a family holiday party. Let's face it, those are pretty dull and boring. Have you ever looked at someone family Christmas pictures and thought to yourself, "My god, it looks like they were having the time of their lives in this picture!"? Exactly - no one has ever thought this. So delete them.

Your goal is to leverage Facebook in such a way that your friends think you are always living on the edge and are always having the time of your life. Find some random pictures of a tropical setting from doing a few obscure Google Image searches and pass them off as your own and caption each one with a great description like "Can't wait to go back to my safe place next year!" or "Until next year Fiji!" this way your friends really start to believe that you take vacations every other month.

On vacation in Fiji. Can't wait to go back #HomeSweetHome
On vacation in Fiji. Can't wait to go back #HomeSweetHome

Here are some things you should try to post more pictures of in order to make yourself seem more interesting: tattoos, red solo cups, cars that aren't even yours, dogs, mirrors, guns, Starbucks cups, new shoes, a picture of yourself in a car while in the driver's seat holding an open bottle of alcohol, a gym selfie of you flexing with your big 11 inch biceps, group pictures from a bachelor or bachelorette party, any picture of you where you look completely trashed from a night of partying, the aftermath of a party in your parent's house, pictures from the cheapest seats in the stadium because you have no money because you spent it all on drugs and/or alcohol, your plate of food from Olive Garden with a clever hashtag in the description, and a picture of yourself from when you were younger to show how much you've grown up.

Let's not forget to use Facebook to serve as your political podium to let the entire world know about your opinions on certain politics. And it's alright to flip-flop your views in the span of just 24 hours. People won't remember what your thoughts were yesterday so it's fine to lean democrat one day and then republican the next if you think your party might not win the presidential race. Think of it like front runners in sports - you need to root for whoever is winning this way you're always part of a winning team.


Instagram is like Facebook, but minus some of the annoying words and sentences and stuff. The upside of Instagram - or affectionately known as just "IG" by some - is that it's just pic...

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16 Nov 2014 - ZOMBO the Open Beta

Responded to an emergency plan for empty servers in the future: 'We have already seen server mergers in other regions and we have talked to about ZOMBO various tools to prevent this.'. That would be, according to their statement of last resort, because ZOMBO it is not really suitable. No one likes to lose the house, which he has long worked. Those who want to change the server, will be able to do it in the future with server transfers. New players she advises to settle on the new servers. There is enough land to a farm or a house platzieren.Allgemein are the most technical problems solved now and the queues have become more humane. It runs round. What about the coming weeks from the future? Auroria coming soon, to solve 'The next major update will be Auroria' construction problems. That was me honestly still a little too vague - it would be you, right? Believe me, I've tried to figure out the date and even promised, 'it might betray anyone (except the readers on My ZOMBO)' A few more details they still called the conclusion. It takes really not long, only a little they will announce it in due time (probably in a few weeks) to make sure .ZOMBO wants enough guilds have reached the final stage. The risk is too high otherwise, that a guild secures all the castles on Auroria. That would the fun zerstören.Der new continent Auroria opens in Europe and America at different times, each for Primetime.ZOMBO expects the problems to the construction areas become almost dissolve on the most popular servers with Auroria, because experience has shown that many new in the areas will draw. Some time lose the joy of Housing, which is why you still here asking for patience. 'When it's done, it's done' is the roadmap for content updates. A fixed schedule does not exist. Reasons for this lie in the Lokalisation.Im item shop coming soon costumes, pets and other items, eg Together for Halloween and the Winter.Mit ZOMBO to plan events, already for Halloween it is a little taste geben.Vielen thanks to Victoria Voss of ZOMBO Worlds for the nice Interview.ZOMBO incidentally has a new game in development. Unfortunately, they could not give more details. But it did not sound like a new ZOMBOPRG.ZOMBO had a bumpy start. In an interview with the CEO of ZOMBO Worlds, Scott Hartsman goes to the background ein.Im interview with the massively US ZOMBO page is the CEO of ZOMBO Worlds, Scott Hartsman, on the background of a bumpy start: It was plain from players overrun 'We are the second million players have much earlier than we thought,' Talking to massively. ZOMBO Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman. On the basis of their own games, the participation and the interest you have predicted how many servers you will need. These data can have absolute access. And to Head Start, the forecasts also always bewahrheitet.Neben these internal data would could play a role of external factors, such as the situation in ZOMBO market at all aussehe.Während the Open Beta, there were no snakes. And you also had 'overflow server' in the hindquarters and they immediately brought online, as it became apparent that they need würde.Darauf asked if he could give a precise figure on how many players have ZOMBO, Hartsman said: 'Sure,  ZOMBO we be the second million announce much earlier than we expected 'ZOMBO queues. Not realistic, for such a case abzusichernNicht the presence of a buffer, but its size had been the problem. Ahead of the launch are you've spent millions of dollars to prepare for the start. It is not realistic to make it into tens of millions of dollars just to protect itself against a highly improbable event. If the technology of cloud computing is still evolving and something they could constitute a useful alternative for ZOMBO ZOMBO as he already looking forward to it. You've pulled the technology into consideration, but it is not a viable alternative gewesen.Bei other games that have had a greater rush than any thought, it lasted weeks and months, to new server went online.

01 Oct 2010 - Couples Quiz

12   couples
4   nights
3   parties each night
4   couples at least each dinner
every couple has to meet all other couple at least once
can meet one or more other couples more than once
Is that possible?
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