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31 Jan 2003 - I Still Work For Money!

I must be a complete idiot to keep on working for money! Instead, I should work for Hershey Chocolate Kisses, this way; I have a lot of kisses to give out!

I hate going to work at 7 o'clock, and getting home at 7 o'clock that night. It's too long, and the traffic sucks. Do you know how much I get an hour? 7 dollars! That's it!!! 7 dollars an hour for working 12 hours a day. That's almost to the point of being insane. I want something that will increase my income, without doing a damn thing, not even breathing or letting an ab belt do the work for me.

PRAISE THE LORD! My prayers were answered when I got this email that said that I can put the internet to work for ME! What a great idea! I have the internet, I run this web site, I can make millions of dollars from this internet thing! Why not give it a try? What do I have to lose? I've got nothing!

Earn continuous residual income for the rest of your life!

We’ll help you do it!

It’s easy to turn the internet into your own 24/7 business and earn an executive’s salary!

Financial-freedom is only a click away!

Oh boy! Now does that sound good or what?! You would not believe this, but within seconds of replying to that email, I got 10 emails back from other random people offering me free phones, free money, and how to increase my penis size by 100 percent!

After about a week, I have made over 300 dollars, and have more than 525,600 minutes of free phone time to use in one month's time! Wow, I don't think that anyone else has that kind of free phone time in the world.

If you like big penises, lots of money, and tons of free phone time, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

31 Jan 2003 - Get Fixed Quick!

Genetics suck. I have messed up teeth, my wife has messed up teeth, my dog has messed up teeth, what do you think happened to my daughter?

You guessed it, she has messed up teeth too. Even her baby teeth  
weren't good, some were at obtuse angles and had to be pulled out using a strong magnet and some glue. The dentist said that she needed to have braces or risk having severe tooth cancer further down the road from too many people looking at her mouth nonstop.

I didn't know what to do, I was out of my job working at the local  
toothpaste shop, and my wife's job doesn't have health insurance. Braces are too damn expensive to simply "cut back" on things that aren't needed, so what else could have I done? I wasted all of my last pay check buying lottery tickets, only to later find that I had bought 100 of the same tickets over and over again.

My wife was worried, and my daughter could not go to school since the
teachers said that she was too much of a distraction to the other  
children to do their work. Something had to be done, and fast.

One night on the computer, the answer to this problem came to me in the form of an email from some nice people at some random spamming agency in the Atlantic Ocean. For only 99 dollars a year, my daughter would be covered, and she'd be able to get braces, correcting her teeth for good. I went right along with the fantastic email that I got, it truly was a life saver for my daughter, she was so happy when she got 8 of her teeth pulled that we went out to get her a birthday cake.

We are proud to be the #1 choice
of dental plan consumers on the Internet!
Our dental plans are discount dental programs. This means you pay a  
specific reduced fee for dental services performed by a dentist in our network. This "reduced" or "discounted" fee is substantially lower than standard fees the dentist would normally require, which saves YOU money!

Plans start at just $99 for an entire year of benefits for an individual.

Only a few days have gone by since she got them put in her mouth, and
already we can notice a change in her appearance - and smell. No longer is there a horrible stench of rotting food coming from her mouth. She can now safely go back to school without the other children staring at her and causing the other kids from learning since they only stare at her.

If you're looking for a quick way to get your ugliness fixed when out of your job, or are simply too dumb to get a real plan, this is perfect for you. All you have to do is call their 1-200 number, wait on hold for about 25 minutes listening to their music, and fight with the lady about how many people you want on the plan. (She doesn't speak English, and doesn't know the number "one" in her native language.)

What are you doing? Don't delay call today!

31 Jan 2003 - My Computer is at Risk!!

The internet is a very dangerous place; viruses, code, trojans, horses, bugs, worms, batts, mice, you name it, it's got it! I didn't have any form of protection on my computer what-so-ever until I got the following email in my inbox just the other day, it sure was a life saver!


Get Norton Internet Security Software!
* Plus FREE Shipping & Handling *

Protect Your PC From Virus Attacks!
Stop Viruses & Other Malicious Code!
Get Automatic Anti-Virus & Firewall Updates!
Defend Your Computer Against Hackers!
Simple and Easy to Use!
BONUS: 1 Year Of FREE Updates!
*Supplies are Limited - 2 Per Customer*

Protect Your Computer From Viruses!!
Click Here Now!

I ordered two of them since the more the better, right? I installed it, and right away I was alerted of some random number said to be coming from France that was trying to break into my computer. I got very nervous at first, thinking that Norton was a virus itself, but sure enough it put an end to that guy by sending him a very annoying noise that's sure to annoy the living hell out of anyone.

Norton also comes with an ultra powerful virus scanner that knows the difference between good code, and bad code. I did an ultra quick scan with the ultra powerful virus scanner and you would not believe what it turned up! 8 viruses! 8 of them! Code Red, Nimda, Sub7, Netbus, you name it it was on my computer! I don't know how they got on there in the first place, but thank goodness for Norton to get rid of them!

Please, if you don't know what the hell you're doing on your computer, and you think that you're very important to the rest of the world, protect your precious collection of 10 mp3s and buy two of these dazzling products for you and your kids, they'll love you for it!
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