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Growing up as a kid I quickly learned the building blocks of life. You know, the building block that goes something like, “The more money you earn, the more money you spend.” It’s kind of like how some retailers exclaim “The more you spend the more you save!” in their advertisements, it’s even the same as “how now brown cow” Believe it or not, these three sayings go hand in hand with one another.

Some people unfortunately don’t learn about this vital building block of life until it’s too late, and some don’t learn it at all, even after they die. I realized that the only way to avoid having to spend more money was to begin doing things myself. Instead of calling an electrician to come in and install two new breakers I did the installation myself, I change my car’s oil every 30,000 miles myself like I’m supposed to, I wash my car instead of going to a car wash, and I even do my own dental work instead of having to go to a dentist and have them work on my teeth. In fact, I was able to perform my own root canal. At first I thought I had numbed the area fairly well to the point where I was drooling and couldn’t feel anything, but soon after I started the operation I realized that I did the wrong side. Stupid mirrors.

There are several advantages of performing your own work without the help of some stranger who wants to kill you, your family, and your dog and then take all of you possessions and sell them on Craigslist along with your house. The most obvious in this case is the advantage of living longer. At least by one day.

Save yourself money
As the proverbial saying goes, “Time is money” and the only thing that costs more than your own time is the time of others. So instead of taking your computer over to Best Buy and have the Geek Squad “technicians” install more RAM because you have so much spyware running in the background you should read just how easy it is to do this on your own. You might be shocked that it’s about 30 seconds of work. Some how Best Buy comes up with a $60 bill for labor, claiming it took them 45 minutes to do the installation. They usually arrive at this astronomical figure because the “technician” working on your computer went missing when him and a few of his buddies went to play WoW in the back and left the timer running.

I’m not saying go ahead and drop your car’s transmission because it’s slipping when it changes gears – that might be a little too complex for any one person who isn’t an auto mechanic to do. What I’m saying is that the jobs that are usually less than one or two hundred dollars around the house can be done by a prospective do-it-yourselfer. Changing locks, small to mid-sized windows, new doors, lighting and some plumbing are all jobs that can be done by a do-it-yourselfer provided they have done some basic research online before hand. Oh and did I forget the mention that you need to be somewhat of a handyman / woman in order to get some of these things done? A hammer and a screwdriver alone aren’t going to be enough to replace a window.

Take for instance the project I undertook last year in which I installed two 30amp breakers in my basement for two Compaq R3000 UPS units. Prior to the installation I knew virtually nothing about installing new breakers and how to wire them properly. After doing some research online and looking at existing wiring already done in the house, I was confident that I knew enough to make the installation without killing myself or burning the house down.

Sure enough with careful wiring and double checking what I was doing every few steps because I was scared shitless that I was going to kill myself, I was able to complete the installation in just under a half hour. This just goes to show you that with enough careful research and observation skills, you can save yourself a good deal of money going without the help of a professional. Of course, there is always a time and a place for professionals. Use your judgment when it comes to undertaking such projects.

Learn something new
They say that you learn something new everyday. For some this might hold true, but I suspect for most this doesn’t usually take place everyday. In fact, I’m willing to bet it doesn’t usually happen on a weekly basis either. I’ll admit that there are days that go by sometimes in which I feel as though I didn’t learn anything new. As a result, these days usually make me feel like utter trash since it’s almost as if I wasted an entire day of my life since my mind was stagnant.

By doing something yourself instead of paying someone else an ungodly amount of money to do the work for you, it forces you to learn something new that you’ll most likely remember for the rest of your life and can pass on to others.

This knowledge of doing something yourself rather than having someone else do it for you is an invaluable life skill. For a true geek, learning something new has both intrinsic and extrinsic values that are nearly impossible to substitute by watching TV or by playing a video game for hours straight. In all honesty the initial utility from watching TV or playing a video game is greater than learning something new. However, in the long run the overall utility retained from learning something new will outweigh the amount (If any) utility left from engaging in some form of  activity involving a television and a bag of potato chips.

Give yourself something to do
Have you ever waited and waited to finally get a day off from work. You know, a day in which you have nothing planned and can do almost whatever you want to do? And when you finally get that day of rest and relaxation, do you ever think to yourself, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do!” This is when you should learn to do something yourself rather than hold off and pay someone else to do the job for you.

Speaking from experience again, I need things to do on my days off. Even though I find myself complaining about how it seems like I never get a day off, I always find myself LOOKING for things to do on those days that I do have off. Whether it be cleaning, working on my car, or writing for this website, it seems as though I always need something to do or I’ll find myself going crazy wanting to find things to do around the house. By doing things yourself rather than paying people to do them for you, it gives you things to do on your days off if you’re the type of person that finds themselves going crazy after sitting around for three straight hours.

Saves you time
Let’s suppose you don’t know how to change your car’s tire in the event that you should get a flat. You’re on your way into work one day when you run over a spike strip because you went the wrong way and now you’re forced to wait for a tow truck to either laugh at you and then tow your car away or laugh at you then install a donut on your car to get you to your destination. Most of the time it takes almost an hour for a tow truck to arrive, sometimes even longer depending on the amount of traffic on the roads and your location. Sometimes they might not even come at all.

Now let’s suppose you know how to change your car’s tire in the event of a flat tire. Your car gets a flat; you pull over and get out the jack and the spare tire. You loosen the lug nuts a bit, you jack up the car and the rest is history. You’re back on your way in about ten minute’s time rather than an hour.

Sure it’s great to have a service such as AAA for when you roll your car after smoking a funny one, but do you really need to use them when you have a flat tire? Save yourself some trouble and practice changing your tire on your day off if you don’t know how to change it already. Make sure you read up about it first though – You don’t want the car fall off of the jack and land on top of you even though there’s almost no reason as to why you should be under the car while you’re changing the tire.

There are instances in which the money you spend to have a task completed for you is worth less than the amount of time and effort it would have taken you to complete the same task. If you find yourself having a difficult time fitting the task of doing regular oil changes on your car and can somehow manage to drop your car off while performing other tasks at the same time, then this investment of 30 dollars might be worth the time and the hassle of doing it on your own.

There are still some things that are left up to others to do for you just for that very reason – It’s at times impractical for you to do everything on your own in order to save money here and there. But if you do a generous amount of things on your own, you’ll have more money to invest towards other things.

As you can see, doing tasks in and around your house can be rewarding to yourself and others if you complete the tasks successfully. I say others because it will save other people the time and the hassle of having to deal with you when you feel the need to post a topic asking how to install a new piece of hardware instead of reading the instructions or looking through the already posted threads that have already covered the exact same topic – 5 times over.

Ricky Anders is the personification of “average”. He’s your typical 23-year-old overly-ambitious American male who just finished college with a degree in pottery. Since birth he’s always managed to maintain an average lifestyle: Average height and weight, average grades, average daily calorie intake, average hair length. Ricky was as average as taking the mean of a set of ten numbers that are all the same.

Perhaps one of Ricky’s only somewhat unusual traits was his ability to come up with somewhat unusual ideas for having fun. Ricky’s idea of fun has never simply been drinking a few beers at a party with his friends. Instead, Ricky has always been a thrill seeker and stops at no end to get his adrenaline pumping.

It’s was your average day in May – just the way Ricky liked it. The sky was clear, the air was warm and free of humidity and there was a slight breeze from his back which made a large grin appear on his face. The wind gave him reassurance that he was sure to make it into the Florida record books with his next jump. He was as ready as he was ever going to be for the jump of his life, and the jump of his life was as ready as it was ever going to be for him.

Ricky gave the signal to his friend in his work van to slowly accelerate towards the ramp at the end of Grant Street. As he did the nylon rope he was holding in one hand began to grow tighter as it bore the entire weight of his somewhat muscular 145-pound body. As Ricky and his BMX stunt bike began to pick up speed, Ricky noticed that the bike’s front assembly was wobbling because it was not meant for such fast speeds. Though not sure of exactly how fast he was traveling, Ricky thought that he at least hit 40mph right before hitting the ramp. As he got closer to the ramp Ricky began to have second thoughts about the jump, but realized that to abort the jump now would mean total disaster; The brakes on the BMX weren’t made to stop it from going 40mph, not to mention nearly all of his friends were looking on waiting to see him make the jump or bite the dust.

3, 2, 1… Ricky hits the jump and as he’s looking down he sees a blue chalk line and two Xs about 5 feet from where the jump was positioned. He and his two friends calculated that at that exact distance from the building he would make it with a foot to spare. But if he remembered correctly, the ramp was supposed to be on the marks, not after them. It was too late. Just as Ricky looked up to see where he was in relation to the building, the building was already in between his front and rear wheel and the next thing he knew he was looking up into the clear blue sky from a row a bushes.

The above anecdote plays out over and over again on almost what seems to be a daily basis now that services such as YouTube and Google Video (Which happen to be nearly the same thing) allow people to share videos of them doing things that they think are amazing but turn out to be complete failures. Before the advent of YouTube and Google Video, only the dumbest of the dumb ever became famous because in order for their videos to get out to the general public they relied on major news outlets to broadcast them.

There must be some significant driving force behind these people that motivates them into attempting such unrealistic stunts that not even Jackie Chan or Chuck Norris could perform even on their best days. It’s apparent that there’s something more than just fame driving these people after they bite the curb and then get back up and go for it again. We’ve set out to uncover some of the reasons why people attempt crazy and stupid stunts and post their results – successful or unsuccessful - on the internet.

The Adrenaline Rush:
Epinephrine, or “adrenaline” as it’s commonly known throughout the non-medical world, is a hormone that is quickly released in the body during periods of stress. This stress may be a result from threatening environmental factors such as like being 100 feet in the air and knowing you’re not going to land safely, as well as increased levels of excitement and anxiety – Such as the anxiety of knowing you’re not going to land safely.

Adrenaline has almost identical effects on the body as some drugs that are available from pharmacies and street pharmacies around the world. Such effects include an increased heart rate and stroke volume, dilated pupils, and arterioles become constricted both in the skin and the gut. Not to mention adrenaline serves as a great way to break down lipids in the body, so those of you who have trouble losing weight may want to think about jumping off of buildings in an effort to slim down for the summer.

For most stuntmen, doing bat shit insane stunts is like a heroine addict doing as much heroine as they can possibly get their hands on within a 24 hour period. Sure, they may overdose and die in the process, but it’s the rush that they get while doing it that they enjoy the most.

Many describe the rush that they get immediately before a stunt to be almost euphoric in nature – a natural high that the police and DEA can’t bust you for. Perhaps it’s this natural euphoric rush - which also happens to be legal unlike the million other drugs they probably take leading up to the initial thought of jumping the Grand Canyon on a tricycle – that is the main driving force behind such stunts.

The most common response heard when asked “why” is “it’s the rush I get”. Our research shows that this is the most common reason why people do such stupid things while on camera. The fact that it was caught on camera is nothing more than coincidence. Furthermore, the fact that it’s now posted on YouTube or Google Video allows the entire world to laugh at other people’s sheer acts of stupidity.

We weren’t totally satisfied with this one reason as to why there are over a million stupid videos out there that depict people doing stunts that even God himself could not perform so we kept looking for the perfect reason which might explain it all.

Fame and Possibly Fortune:
We went on to discover that some dream about becoming rich and famous after successfully completing a record setting stunt, or a stunt that is so unique that no one has thought about performing it yet. One young man mentioned that the stunt of all stunts to perform would be to somehow fabricate a bike that would be able to travel fast enough to enable the rider to jump over the Atlantic Ocean and land safely on the other side. He added that if someone could achieve such an accomplishment, they would surely win the Nobel Peace Prize. He failed to realize that there is such a bike that can do just that, but it’s no longer called a bike when it travels nearly 500 miles an hour and altitudes of 20,000 feet – it’s called a plane.

Every stuntman can only dream about being as popular as the late Evil Knievel once was. We all know that Knievel was very popular with the ladies and had a plethora of money to go around which enabled him to buy a nice double-wide mobile living unit, a nice car, and most importantly, a new set of hips and various other body parts that he broke over the years while attempting to get into the record books.

Take Gary Brolsma – “the numa numa guy” - for example. Though he didn’t exactly perform a stunt in the traditional sense he became an almost instant internet celebrity when his video was published on on December 6th, 2004. Gary has sense went on to published another two numa numa type videos in which he makes himself look like a total moron again. On purpose.

We continued our search for finding out exactly why people insist on doing insane stunts that they know are nearly impossible to complete successfully without taking a trip to the emergency room for a dislocated shoulder or even worse a dislocated head.

The answer was almost right in front of us the entire time: Boredom. When people have nothing else better to do than to sit around at home and think about what they could do with their free time, they begin to think irrationally. “I wonder if I can jump over my garage if I built a big enough ramp” are the types of thoughts that plague the minds of those who have too much time on their hands.

This seems like the logical explanation as to why there are so many videos of people trying to do stupid things on YouTube and Google Video. The vast majority of those who are in those videos are between the ages of 16 and their early to mid twenties. Between those ages young adults are still attending school while living with their parents. They most likely don’t have a job, nor do they have any other responsibilities other than attending school on a regular basis. Once Friday night hits, they are free and clear of such obligations and so the irrational thinking begins.

When we emailed one young adult who was shown trying to grind his way down a flight of stairs that was 25 feet in the air but instead found his head ground against the pavement why he attempted the stunt, he replied that him and his friends were sitting around and had nothing else better to do. He went on to say, “My friends turned around and said, ‘Hey Matt, I bet you can’t grind down that hand rail along those steps over there!’ This wasn’t something that I could let go being as young as I was at the time. They dared me to do it, and I wanted to show them that I was man enough to do it.”

The Opposite Sex:
Those who attempt bat shit insane stunts are predominately single males who wish they had a boyfriend, or in some rare cases, a girlfriend.

Young children do this type of thing all the time. They think that in order to get a girl’s attention they have to do something insane to win them over. However, th...

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Here's how you become a millionaire online: You don't.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: The internet is a great place. It's a great place because not only can you obtain information that would be almost impossible to obtain without the invention of the internet, but it's also great because you can mask who you are in real life. Almost instantly you can go from being a fat 27-year-old male who enjoys playing D & D in his parent's basement with his other loser friends to being a successful 27-year-old business entrepreneur who is soon to start his own venture and enjoys lifting weights and going to beach in his free time... You know, a real man’s man. Oh, did I mention he also drives around in a brand new BMW?

There are thousands of people that have put together websites online that claim to sell you their sure-shot methods to making hundreds, thousands, and even millions of dollars online so as long as you buy their stupid e-book that will tell you how to do it step-by-step. I don't buy that, though. (No pun intended, guys.)

Instead, in this article I'm not going to tell you how to make millions online, I'm going to outline how you can make yourself look like an online millionaire - for free! These methods are tried and true - more than half of all online millionaires use these methods to make it look like they are rich each and everyday. You know, it's kind of like putting a rolled up sock in your pants. It's alright until it's time to show the goods for real.

1. Put together a semi-professional looking site:
The first step in the process of becoming an online millionaire is establishing an online presence. In doing so, avoid site designs similar to this. Sites that are designed like that give me the impression that the designer simply took their Microsoft Word document and used the "Save as web page" function in order to generate HTML coding to slap on their web server. And that's assuming that they know how to even login to their web server's FTP site. Having a sleek web design, a fast loading page, and a catchy logo will help to ensure your readers believe that you are in fact a true internet millionaire.

2. Create a catchy name, logo, and slogan:
This almost goes without saying: Every major organization in business today has their very own unique logo and slogan that they use to achieve brand awareness. Your fake organization should be no different. Take the time  to come up with a catchy name for your internet fortune, as well as a logo that will be sure to stick in your reader’s heads, and a slogan that will make them think, “Man, I wish I thought of that first!” If your logo is good enough you might be able to print it on t-shirts and have readers buy them off of you. If you’re really lucky you might be able to get a few hot females to send you back pictures of them wearing your logo. But don’t get your hopes up.

3. Make yourself sound credible:
When you go to a doctor's office 9 times out of 10 you see the diploma's and the certifications of the doctor hanging on the wall. You need to employ the same tactics online in order for people to believe that you know what you're talking about.

Create an "About" page on your site and list reasons why people should listen to what you have to say. Make up a fake story about how you almost didn't finish college because you were short on cash but were able to finish due to your online endeavourers. Tell your readers that you have been published in Time Magazine as well as the New York Times - they're not going to know whether or not you're telling the truth. Doing this will establish that you are a well established millionaire in the industry and they'll want to listen to what you have to say because, well, they read it on the internet, so it must be true.

4. Post fake pictures of your fake possessions:
This is possibly the most important part to becoming an online millionaire. In order to show the rest of the internet that you really have wealth and have bought items with your wealth, you need to show the internet the fruits of your labor. Use Google Image search to find images of two high priced cars, a nice house with an in ground swimming pool, and a few pictures of a home office that you can call yours. Be sure that they go together. You don't want to use a picture of a house surrounded by snow, and then two pictures of cars with snow around the wheel well.

5. Write believable success stories:
This might be easier said than done for those who don't have the ability to write clearly, but it will certainly seal the deal in terms of having your readers believe that you really are an internet millionaire. In order to get a feel for how it's done by the pros, browse through other millionaire sites and look at their success stories. Notice how they list specific dates, numbers, and other data throughout the page. Pretty convincing, right? These pieces of data are crucial when it comes to getting the attention of your audience.

Instead of telling your audience how you simply increased ad revenue on your website, tell them how "In the last three months I have been able to increase my Google AdSense earnings from 50 cents a day to 500 dollars a day by positioning my ads in better locations, adjusting the color pallets that they use, and the key words that I am targeting in my content." Stating your findings in this manner will more than likely get your readers to want to know more about how you did it. Obviously when they are done reading what you have written, you want them to believe that you're indeed an internet millionaire.

6. Mention a staff that you employ:
...But of course don't actually employ. Any real multi-million dollar organization has to have more than one person operating it, right? So why should your business be any different? If you need to, search Google for a random name generator to obtain names that are unique but still believable. Next, create email addresses for all of them that all forward to your own email account this way you don't miss out on anything. If required, post a few articles here and there from each of your fake staff members in order to make the ploy seem more believable to your readers. But be careful; don't use the same mannerisms and styles of writing for all your staff members. Observant readers may catch on to your tactics and expose you to the rest of the world.
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